You knew it? Sitting more than 6 hours is terrifying for health

Maybe you are sitting right now while reading this article>> If you are sitting only for a few minutes or hours then it’s ok but, If you are sitting for more hours than it’s not ok as sitting is linked with your healthier lifestyle. We perform several tasks in a sitting position in our regular life but very few people knew that it’s really scary to perform day to day life activities by sitting hours and hours. This article is here for all our lovely readers so that they may live a healthier life by knowing the effects of sitting more than six hours and also in the end we will give our lovely readers some suggestions.

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By sitting, Most of us spend our regular day like sitting in the office, school, colleges, or any other working place and also we while traveling through any modes transport even when we return back to the home then also we sit in our bedrooms or in the sofa but, researchers have done a survey for this that sitting much can really harm your body.

We all human beings knew this that workouts are really beneficial for our healthy lives but sitting too much is not beneficial but why? Come and let’s know this.

Read How terrifying is it for your whole body to sit more than six hours

Poor in terms of mental health

Researchers have shown that the person who sits for a long period has an excessively “poor mental health” impact than the person who sits for a “short period of time”.

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Leads to chronic health problems

Our body is programmed to move but if it stays in a sitting posture for a long time than it will affect our health and causes many problems. It slows down our brain slowly-slowly and we get dumb or crazy it doesn’t matter whether you are exercising daily or not if you are sitting for 6-hours then you will going to have many health-related issues and because of this we can’t concentrate on our work or job and also we’re not going to live a healthier and happier life.

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Focus ability decreases

Sitting too much decreases our ability to concentrate or focus on any work like if you sitting on a study table more than six-hours then you will feel exhausted and pain is your entire body by which you will not completely focus on your study so while studying you should take a short break in that time you can roam here and there or can perform your likable activities to boost up yourself and then come back to your study destination then study focused.

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Increases the chances of cancer

Researchers have discovered that sitting long hour raises the risk of cancers so far, the actual explanation behind this truth remains unknown till yet.

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Increases the risk of depression

There are higher risks of depression seen in some individuals who sit too long in daily life, so avoid sitting for more than an hour to minimize the depression.

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Pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder

Our shoulder and neck get tightened up if we keep sitting posture for a “long” period of time because of this; it often induces discomfort and pain on the shoulder as well as neck.

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Gains your weight

Fewer calories will be consumed while sitting for the long term this ensures that you will gain more weight.

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Inappropriate digestion

It is not ideal for our digestion to sit for too many hours as it causes damage to our bodies, which leads to inappropriate digestion.

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Leads to pain in the back

Sitting frequently for long causes too much back pain. Our spine is an immense structure that is impaired by sitting all day long. If you spend your time doing more physical, your muscle would be stronger all the strain comes to your back while sitting for an incredibly long time, and then your back begins to suffer.

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We have shown you above the scary health benefits of sitting for many hours in a day. We also have the solution to this problem which we will share with our lovely readers.

To get rid of sitting for long hour’s>> solution is here

Regularly do exercise

Apart from exercise the best way to get rid of long-term sitting you can roam anywhere in your room, terrace, or any other places. In between any daily routine work you can do this. Do stretching exercises.

Set reminder

While sitting for any work or during study time when you then you can set a reminder or alarm for yourself so that you can remember that you have to take a break and stand.

Use stairs

Instead of stairs use lifts.

Stand and then talk

Chat on a phone with your family or friends in a standing position by walking here and there.

Spend less time watching TV

Instead of watching time for a long time play and enjoy any outdoor sporting event.

Do not slouch

Don’t slouch your neck while you are seated, sit straight, and then do your work or job and take a break in between the work.

    Sitting more hours’ kills but standing heals. So avoid long term sitting.