Online Shopping Review: [Oct-2020] Know if it’s a genuine Ethnic Clothes Seller!

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If some want to buy Indian ethnic garments then Omattire is a good place to shop but before purchasing anything from the site first know some important details about it.

Through this article, we will be mentioning some important points that will clear your queries about the website and help you to understand whether it is a genuine website to shop or not.

Read the full article below for more vital details.

What is is an India based online shopping website. On this website, everyone can find a beautiful array of Indian clothes. The website has a majestic collection of Indian garments that are made up of various fabrics, designs, and patterns with low costs. It also has a vast collection of jewelry and other necessary items.

Here is a list of items that are being marketed by Omattire.

  • Indian ethnic clothes
  • Western Wear
  • Jewelry
  • Bags/ Handbags
  • T-shirts
  • Night Wears
  • Beauty Products
  • Home Accessories

But, as it appears, the website is not very honest and transparent and there are some important facts concealed from the customers that are necessary for them to know if they are investing in the website. Details:-

Here we are describing some important points to help you find out whether or not Omattire is a genuine website.

Company /Owner Details & WHOIS Records: does not provide any significant details about the company and its owner. Even on the WHOIS records the data about the company is not recorded. Therefore the website is not safe to use.

These are some basic information that any shopping website should share with the customers if they are working on an online market. This indicates that the website does not wish to work in the long term.

Mostly scam sites hide facts about their owner and their business.

Domain Registration Data: is newly registered in the online market. The creation date of the website is 01-09-2020. The website is only one month old.

But the website is only registered for one year which is a very short time period for an online retailer shop.

The registration of the website expires on 01-09-2020.

Thus, we cannot trust such a website that is only available for a year, that’s why we should always be aware of such a newly created website.

Contact & Address Information:

There is no contact info provided by They don’t even provide an address to the customers. Only an email id [] is provided by the website which is of no use.

Products and the Cost:

The products that are shown in are all up to date and fabulous.

Indian ethnic clothing like; Sarees, Suits, Lehenga-Choli, Gowns, Western wears, shoes, bags, and other women’s accessories are primarily included in the items.

The price range or the products are very low in according to other websites. Most of the items have a sale tag on them and have the same cost which is quite fishy.

Accessible Payment Method:

The website does not provide its customers with Cash on Delivery. Buyers are only permitted to pay through Credit/Debit cards.

Most of the people do not feel comfortable in doing payment through digital options that’s why every legit shopping website gives COD option for them.

But mostly scam sites don’t want to reveal their identity that’s why they do not allow COD.

Social media Pages: has provided some social media links on their official website page. It has provided Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Gmail links on its website but those links are useless because they are not working properly.

This simply shows that the company is not concerned about its market activities and that it does not intend to raise its earnings through social media.

Copied Images of Products:

The product that is selling is copied. The products shown on the website are matching from other scam sites that thefts the images from another genuine website.

 All of the products do not have any faces of the models because the faces are being removed so that no can know about the images being copied. These tricks are mainly used by scammers.

Countless Purchasing Options: allows buyers to purchase an uncountable amount of items within a single product. Anyone can buy an unlimited amount of products of a single item that seems fishy.

No legal website allows its customers with such a purchasing limitation to purchase a single item.

Method of Shipping Products: provides worldwide delivery for its products. They have different shipping policies for different destinations.

In India, the product is shipped within 24 hours but in international shipping, it will take approx 1 week to ship orders.

GST will be applied to the products of Indian customers and only Custom charges are applied to the international customers which will be deducted from their bank account.

It is providing free shipping to Indian customers but International customers have to pay Rs.1000 in first-order after that they have to pay only Rs.400 as shipping charges.

Rules for Return and Refund : is giving 30 days return policy for its customers. Also, the customers are able to return the products but there are some conditions applied for returning and exchanging the products. Those are:

  • Goods will be in its original packaging.
  • All the tags, receipts must be attached to the product.
  • The product must be unwashed and unused.
  • The shipping label/receipt must be attached to the returned product.
  • Sales and beauty product items are non-returnable.

The refund will only be initiated only when the above points are completed otherwise the refund process will be canceled.

Summary- Is a fraud website? website offers many fashionable and trendy garments, cosmetics, and accessories but a lot of important details are missing about the website and the main thing is the website is very new in the online market and has a 0% trust score according to the analysis.

That’s why is in our “Not Recommended” category.

Customers should be very precise before they interact with an unknown website that they are not aware of.

Therefore, we suggest that only buy products from the website that are in the online market for years like, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. Since these websites have a hold on the market and provide customers with protection in any segment.

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