Online Shopping Review: [Oct-2020] Check If This Website Commercializes Genuine Leather Products!

Welcome to the review on

In this review, we will give you all the essential details about the website which will help you to understand the legitimacy of the website.

What is is an online retailer of all kinds of leather products all across the world at a very low price.

They are selling products that are made up of leather.

They are also providing free delivery globally.

Facts about

The website is very new in the online marketplace and claims to sell genuine leather products all across the world at pocket-friendly prices.

But the reason is not good enough to trust some website.

On the outside, the website is good looking but on the inside website hides so many useful information from the customers.

There are so many important points the website fails to provide. Those are:

  • Owner Info: Not Mentioned
  • Company Detail: Not Mentioned
  • “About Us” Page: Not Given
  • Contact Info: Not Provided
  • Social Media Links: Not Provided
  • Cash on Delivery: Not Applicable

Website Creation Detail:

The website is newly registered on an online platform on 27-03-2020 and the expiry date of the website is 27-03-2021.

The website is created only for a very short time period.

WHOIS Record:

Other than the website creation and expiry date there is no other information about the website is presented on the WHOIS records.

No info about the owner, company location, and other important details are also hidden from the WHOIS records which questions the legitimacy of the website.

About- Company Owner:

There is no information about the owner of the website. The website hides information about its owner.

They do not want their customers to know who is behind the website that is why there are no details present on the website homepage.

WHOIS record does not hold any details about the owner of the company.

About- Company Location:

The company address is not mentioned anywhere on the website.

Even the WHOIS data does not have any data about the location of the company.  

Contact Info:

No contact details are presented on the homepage of the website.

Which means the website does not want their customers to link up with them through contact info in case they are facing any kind of difficulties.


The website only provides its customer with an email-id [] which is not good enough to trust the website.

Product Cost & Details:

The website has all the products based on leather. The website claims to sell the products made up of pure leather.

There are selling various kinds of Bags, Jackets, Wallets, Gloves, belts, etc made up of pure leather.

The product’s costs is also very cheap.


Most of the products viewed on the website pages are on sale. They are giving high discount offers in most of their products.

Mostly scam sites give this kind of lucrative offers to attract people.

Transaction Medium:

Many modes of payment are given by the website.

So many different modes are provided by them; Amex, Visa, JCB, American Express, MasterCard, etc.

The website does not give Cash on Delivery for their customers.

The other payment modes are not working either.

Social Media References:

The website does not provide any social media links on their website.

You cannot find any social media links presented on their website.

Shipping & Delivery Procedure:

The website has provided free shipping but the offer is only valid for one day (TODAY).

There are different timing and delivery methods setups for different countries.

1- Standard Shipping Time:

US & Canada: 5-16 days

Europe: 9-17 days

Latin America: 10-25 days

Other Countries: 14-30 days

Busy Season: 20-40 days

2- Expedited Shipping Time:

1- 4 business days or a week.

Shipping Charges:

The website is providing free shipping to most of the countries but some countries have to pay for custom shipping and GST.

The customers will be responsible for the custom shipping and GST charges.

Product Cancellation:

According to the website policy for order cancellation, the product must be canceled before 11 pm EST.

The product cannot be canceled after 11 pm EST.

Process for Return & Refund:

The website is giving the return policy of 30 days but they have set some conditions for return and refund. Those are:

  • The purchased item must be in the original packing.
  • All the receipts should be attached to the products.
  • The product cannot be returned without informing the website first.

When all the above conditions are completed only then the refund will be initiated.

Exchange Policy:

The website does not provide any exchange policy for their customers.

If someone wants to exchange the product then they have re-order it again.

Final Verdict:

After analyzing from different angles we have come to the conclusion that the website is not a genuine website because all the hidden details create doubts about the legitimacy of the website.

That’s why is not recommended by us and we always advise you to stay alert from such a website and try not to fall into their trap.