Home Remedies for Natural Pink Lips

Worried about your black lips? So the solution is here!!  Follow these home remedies for natural pink lips.

The pink lip is a part of men’s look and women’s beauty so, all of them desire to have pinkish lips. Your lips get dark due to the direct exposure to sunlight, using cheep quality of cosmetics, excessive smoking, and tobacco, allergic reaction, etc.

Sugar lemon honey lip mask

Take one table of grinded sugar in a bowl then add a half tablespoon of honey and at the end add half a tablespoon lemon juice to it mix them well to make a better paste then take a toothbrush to apply this paste on your dark lips, exfoliate this mixture on your lips with toothbrush sugar work as a natural exfoliate which removes the dead skin cells from the lips and then generate a new one, lemon helps to eliminate all the darkness from the skin and honey makes your lips soft, leave this for five minutes then wash it with water.

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Aloe Vera gel

For getting healthy and pink lips start applying aloe Vera gel. You can also use natural aloe Vera gel by plucking aloe Vera leaf and taking off its gel in case you don’t want to purchase this from the store. Apply this gel on your dark lips.

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Rose petals mask

For rosy pinkish lips rose petals are another amazing home remedies.  In milk Soak rose petals overnight, strain the rose petals and then mash them to make a paste add milk to this then apply this paste on your lips, and keep this for 20 minutes, wash your lips and see the outcome.

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Homemade lip mask

Take one tablespoon of turmeric powder then add fresh cold will to it, apply this on your lips. Turmeric powder basically removes all the pigmentation from the lips, milk is a very whitening agent so it will whiten up all the darkness of the lips leave this until dry, and wash it off with cold water.

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Almond oil and lemon

Lemon has a skin lightening nature it naturally bleaches and tones your skin this can be applied to any type of skin and almond oil will hydrate your lips. Squeeze lemon juice into one or two tablespoons of almond oil, mix both then apply it lightly on your dark lips at night, and keep this overnight to get the amazing outcome.

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Homemade lip balm  

Take an empty bowl then, and then add half a tablespoon of almond oil, half a tablespoon coconut oil, and vitamin E capsule, mix well you can also keep this in the refrigerator now, daily apply this homemade balm to get rid of chapped lips coconut oil is added, almond oil prevents you with the darkening of the lips, vitamin E capsule which regenerates your skin cells by eliminating dead skin cells.

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Honey beetroot juice

Beetroot eliminates pigmentation from your lips. This is a natural and chemical-free remedy for soft and for pinky lips. Mix equal proportion of both honey and beetroot juice now, apply this liquid mixture on your lips but before applying this liquid make sure that your lips should be wet, leave this liquid overnight then when you will wake up in the morning, you will observe your dark lips getting pinkish. To get natural pinkish lips continue applying this liquid for a week.

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Secret natural remedy for pink lips

Stay hydrated

The biggest reason behind the dark lips is lack of water so in a day drink a lot of water so that your lips will be hydrated.

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